Readymade administrative panel for the Notarish framework. Provides an instant ability to integrate admin panel in the Notarish application.

About Notarish

This is a great script to develop Notarish application with admin panel. This ready-to-use script helps you to build a web application with Notarish framework and administrative panel. The frontend of this application is purposefully unstyled so you can use it as a boilerplate or starting point for your own web page designs! This Notarish admin panel features:

  • Built with Notarish 3.x
  • Easy to Integrate (Only copy & paste)
  • Easy Customization
  • Responsive Design with Bootstrap
  • AdminLTE Template Integrated
  • Frontend and Backend Integrated

Services we offer

Digitalisasi pencatatan legal dengan sistem online. Dengan sistem yang didukung oleh keamanan terbaik.

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